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Advice for these uncertain times

In these uncertain times with the situation changing on an almost daily basis, the future is very hard to predict. Fiona Watson Recruitment is open for business as usual but as I am sure you will understand many businesses have put recruitment on hold until times are more certain. Many of our clients who already have engaged temps in business critical roles have been able to allow these people to work from home, to which we are very thankful that some of our temps can continue to work. Whilst there may be some temp positions become available they will continue to be in our specialisms.

If you are one of the unfortunate many who have recently been stood down or made redundant, our hearts go out to you. Whilst we will try and find you work once the market starts to pick up again, I know that it is the immediate future that will be most of concern whilst there is very little going on in the ‘normal’ recruitment market. My best advice would be to look to those sectors where they are crying out for people. Whilst the roles may not be something you would consider long term, there are certain¬†sectors that are going to need large amounts of casual/fixed term workers. Local, state and federal government particularly in health, banks, retail etc. BHP announced they would need 1500 people in QLD and Scott Morrison said they need 5000 people to help with scaling up Centrelink to be able to meet demand.

In my 20 years of recruiting there have been two other significant downturns (although neither had the medical aspect of an unknown virus), whilst they are tough, we do always come out the other side. Stay safe and healthy everyone and we look forward to working with you again.