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Gig economy overestimated….?

Recent studies have shown that the numbers originally predicted for the ‘gig economy’ and how it was going to become the ‘norm’ for many peoples working arrangements were significantly overestimated. There are a number of factors that contribute to this. Firstly, original data was taken from the last 10 years during which time we experienced the GFC; many people lost their full time jobs and did ‘gig’ work as a means to an end. As the economy has recovered, many of those people have gone back into a traditional full time working arrangement. Secondly, many people do ‘gigs’ as a secondary source of income, for example many Uber drivers or marketing/designers will have a full time job and use a ‘gig platform’ to supplement their income on the evenings/weekends. Finally, and probably most importantly there has always been a gig economy – temp work and labour hire have been an integral part of how many businesses operate for decades and how many people are engaged (either through necessity of having to do some form of skill related work or because it fits their lifestyle) Whilst laws have changed to protect temporary workers (Fair Work etc) and several Australian State Governments (QLD being the first on July 1st 2018) have introduced labour hire licensing, there is no escaping the fact that a casual working arrangement benefits both employers and employees in most cases.


FWR is a licensed labour hire provider and we are proud of the fact that we pay above average hourly rates to our temps whilst keeping the charge out rates to companies at an affordable level. Whilst many of the larger agencies are purely in it for the profit margin, we genuinely want to solve the interim needs of employers and employees alike. Call us for a discussion about your temporary needs or if you are the the accounting or technical construction industries and immediately available….you could be part of the gig economy…